Spoken English

English is the most used language in this entire world. Speaking english immediately opens doors to opportiunities regardess of your race, color, and caste anywhere in this world. Not only that, speaking fluent english has its major advantages in terms of employability. PROTOS spoken english has carefully taken into account the general mistakes and errors most commonly used by non-english speaking speakers and also aims to reduce the heavy mother tongue influence of non-native speakers. If you are looking for that right job? Or you want to enroll in that perfect university for you abroad? or you are looking to enhance your marketing skills? Look no where PROTOS spoken English course is the best bet you have got. PROTOS also provides you with customized Audio lessons with a FREE mp3 Player along with your course Benefits you get. A lot of spoken english audio lessons associated with the sessions are general everyday situations. It is not formal english which is used in books, movies and TV and news. It also covers pronunciation of words which is very much essential for everyday speaking of the language.

  • Benefits You Get!
  • FREE MP3 Player embedded with audio lessons along with your course
  • Personalised training
  • Need based efficient sessions
  • Audio Lessons personalised to your needs (where you lack skills)
  • Learner oriented sessions